How To Create a River of New Students for Your Business
We Are The Market Leader In New Student Generation
With "Student River", we guarantee you'll have new families walking through your doors each and every month. 
1) Awareness
All good marketing plans begin by getting the word out. But this step isn't about running ads on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube. This is about knowing where your potential families attention is online, and then focusing our efforts on getting in front of them where they already are. 

Today that might be Facebook, tomorrow it will be something entirely different. We stay totally dialed in to where attention is going and then make sure we get your message to your perfect audience regardless of social platform.
2) Lead Generation
The next step is about turning that awareness into action. Getting families to raise their hand and say that they are interested in what your organization offers is the goal at this stage. Most businesses and agencies get this one wrong- They don't understand what really motivates families to sign up and they don't know how to present the opportunity in an irresistible fashion. 

We dominate at this by not only generating a high volume of leads but by generating leads who are eager to come in and experience all that you have to offer.
3) New Student Scheduling
This step is where we separate ourselves from the pack because this is where the heavy lifting begins. Anyone can generate leads, but what you as a business owner really care about is whether those leads turn into enrollments. 

We have a dedicated communication center that reaches out to the leads that get generated, learns what the families are interested in as it relates to your class offerings, and then directly books new families into those programs for you. Creating a non-stop river of new students.
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  • 30% Increase in revenue in 3 months
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