Creating a Predictable Flow of New Students for your Kid Activity Center
The #1 Student Generation Agency for Kid Activity Centers
Located in the heart of the Cascade mountains, we were founded on the belief that most owners started in business because they either love kids and coaching, or saw the opportunity it provided them and their community. Regardless, as a business owner you wear many hats, too many to be effective actually... Coach, front desk, bookkeeper, marketer, janitor, and everything in between. We tackle the marketing burden of generating new students by implementing our "Student River" process, so that you can focus on what you love. The days of hoping your classes will fill up are over. Time to start marketing in today's day and age.
We Are Not Like Other Agencies
We Deliver New Students, Not Just Awareness
Most marketing agencies say they'll get you new business, but there isn't any guaranteed deliverable besides running your ads for you. Our direct deliverable is new students walking through your doors. We don't just run ads, and we don't just generate leads... we generate new students!
100% Clarity... "Is This Marketing Paying Off?"
When you spend money on marketing wouldn't it be great if you knew with absolute certainty if the money you're spending is getting an actual return? We provide total clarity into whether or not the investment you are making is giving you the needed return. No more guessing. 
We Put Our Money Where Our Mouth Is
All the risk is on us to perform. We give you a risk-free week of service up front to prove to you that we are as good as we say we are. We don't believe in contracts so we are a month-to-month service. And we provide a performance guarantee every month or your service is free. 
What Our Clients Are Saying...

890% Return on Investment

"Now that we have been working with you guys for over 6 months, when I do the math and look at our total scheduled return, we are on track to collect over $80,000 in revenue!"

- Brian Foster
Stars and Stripes Kids Center

$144,000 in New Revenue

"In the last 4 months we have increased our customer count by 150. We've had lots of big results. Our programs are expanding... We're really excited!"

- Bria Avery
Pacific Edge Sports Academy
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